Anxiety? Want to Quit Smoking? Try Hypnosis

Stop Smoking 4 good

The most important thing you can do for yourself, your family and your pocket is to stop smoking. So, you may ask, if I want to stop smoking why don’t I just do it all on my own. Because, you may have noticed, will power does not last long and its power is vastly inferior to the power of the subconscious which will achieve for you whatever it is that you want to achieve. The subconscious mind is powerful. Never doubt it.

But you will stop smoking when you want to stop smoking and not before even though we all know the health costs as your inhale an extraordinary number of toxic chemicals. But what about the financial cost. Smoking 20 cigarettes a day can bill you up to £147 a week which equates to £7644 annually. So when you want to stop, why not stop the easy way and save money. One initial outlay is short term pain for long term gain in so many ways.

When you are ready to STOP SMOKING why not take my own advanced hypnotherapy program uniquely designed for you. As a psychologist I am trained in stress and anxiety reduction. Thus my advanced clinical hypnotherapy program incorporates stress reduction to minimise the risk of relapse at moments of crisis. Why not STOP SMOKING today!

I am so confident you will


that I offer an additional free session in the very unlikely event that you relapse. However, I do not anticipate that you will relapse given the excellent results I achieve with my own personalised treatment program. People stop smoking. Following my uniquely designed program you will too. Why? Because I know what works.

And more, every day for four days I will text, ring or email you to give support in your magnificent endeavour.
In fact, if you honestly and sincerely want to stop smoking and the desire comes from deep within


Why not quit smoking now. Save thousands of pounds and improve your health


Weight Loss

Your weight gain did not just start one day for no reason. The cause lies somewhere back in the subconscious mind. When we find the cause through advanced hypnotherapy we can change the mind’s image from the overweight person who must keep eating to the new slimmer version of who you are, the true you, the person you were meant to be. You become the highly motivated person who without even trying becomes the ideal you. Watch those kilos fall away not for today or tomorrow, but for ever and always as you become the real you with the figure you have always dreamed of.

Public Speaking

Do you want to feel at ease when speaking in public? If that is what you want to do, then that is how it will be. Imagine being able to speak to anyone at any time without fumbling for words, no longer with a throat so dry you can hardly utter a word. With clinical hypnotherapy, words begin to flow easily. Why not come along today for advanced hypnotherapy and NLP by a Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychologist and change your life now.

Anxiety and Worry

Do you feel anxious, experience panic attacks, social phobia or lack assertiveness? Have you suffered physical or sexual abuse or received destructive messages from authority figures as a child? Has this left you vulnerable and in a dark place perhaps with an addiction such as gambling? An addiction which though allowing you to dissociate from anxiety and emotional pain, also traps you? The autonomic nervous system mediates much of the physiological arousal that occurs when we experience emotions. For example, in prehistoric times the threat might be some fierce animal or a poisonous insect. If you feel threatened your heart rate and breathing will speed up, your blood pressure may surge and your palms may begin to sweat. These difficult to control reactions are aspects of autonomic arousal. This reaction is called the fight or flight response and it is a mechanism meant to alert us to danger and thus protect us. Unfortunately the fight or flight mechanism can sometimes backfire and it is thus that stress can leave us in a chronic state of autonomic arousal. If your arousal level is so high that it causes anxiety which interferes with your life, or you mislabel certain events as the threat (social phobia where you fear negative appraisal by others), or if you suffer from panic disorder, why not let advanced clinical hypnotherapy and NLP change you today into the person you were born to be, relaxed and carefree. The secret is learning to manage worry and anxious feelings. Anxiety can be managed. It can be brought down to a level that does not interfere with goals and dreams. With clinical hypnotherapy you will soon forget you were ever an anxious person as you change into one who can do and achieve whatever you want to do and achieve. But now in the relaxed and serene manner you always dreamed of.

Social Anxiety

Do you fear negative appraisal by others? Do you feel all the world is staring at you wherever you go and that it can see into your very soul? Are you afraid to leave the house and socialise because your heart is pounding and you are sweating and saying to yourself that it’s the end of the world (catastrophizing)? In fact social phobia is really quick and easy to cure. If you want to be relaxed and able to socialize without a worry in the world, my Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Program for social anxiety can change your life.

Addictions – Gambling

If you have an addiction such as gambling or other addiction why not let advanced clinical hypnotherapy help you to free yourself. Along with psychological intervention and psychoeducational materials, hypnotherapy can guide you to a happier place so that your life can become carefree without the need for gambling perhaps as some kind of escapism or false sense of power. In fact the YOU without any prop at all is the real you, the powerful you waiting to be released as you are without any assistance from your choice of addiction. Why give it power when you can release yourself from its deadly grip. Hypnotherapy can stop you gambling. STOP GAMBLING today. Take the weight off your shoulders and be happy.

Fear of Flying

If you dread the thought of getting on a plane, advanced hypnotherapy and NLP can help to remove your fear. Ring now and cure yourself of this fear. Start to enjoy the experience of being up in the clouds like everyone else instead of dreading it.


If you are poorly motivated, find out why.

Change yourself today into the person who gets things done when they need to be done. Light a light inside you and start living successfully and with no more regrets that you do not do what you really want to do when you want to do it.

Get motivated and start living.


Are you experiencing sadness that you can’t explain?

Do you find yourself needing others to make you feel good?

Up one day, down the next, like a rag doll on a string tugged this way and that depending on the mood of the other.

Discover through hypnotherapy how to raise self-esteem, change self-downing thinking patterns which are central to depression, and become the happy person destiny meant you to be.

Self Esteem and Low Confidence

If your Self-Esteem and confidence level is floating in the dust it might be time to try advanced hypnotherapeutic and psychological techniques so that you too can shine like the stars. My Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP Program can help you to feel as good about yourself as you feel about your favourite person. Become the confident and serene person you were always meant to be.

Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias can be a curse, especially social phobia. They can ruin lives and make us live in fear and dread and none of it is our fault. Yet it is so easy to change from the fearful person to the confident, self-assured person who is in control. The Way Out lies within you. Let’s find it together and get rid of all fear.

Nail Biting

If you have bitten your nails since childhood now might be the time to stop. Imagine how wonderful it would be to file your nails for the first time. Just like everyone else. This dream can be yours if you want it to be. Ring now to change those bitten nails into the beautiful nails that others have and that you have always wanted for yourself.

Needle Phobia

I recently treated a client with needle phobia in one session. And off she went at last to the doctor for injections and to the dentist. But she was back some time later. Her dental hygienist had accidentally cut her gum. What are the odds of a dental hygienist injuring a recently cured needle phobic? Fortunately after one more session, she was cured…again.


We all deserve to go to bed and sleep. But for some, this does not happen as we toss and turn and wake feeling tired instead of renewed with boundless energy. End this now. Hypnotherapy can help you sleep peacefully and quickly. My Sleep Hypnotherapy Program can cure insomnia.


Why suffer pain needlessly. Allow Hypnotherapy to take it from you and give you relief so that you can do the things you want to do and enjoy your life. Learn to distance yourself from pain and be the relaxed person that is your destiny. Let pain go.

Bruxism (Grinding Teeth)

If you grind your teeth at night my advanced clinical hypnotherapy program can help you stop. Stop now and save your teeth from further damage. Get a peaceful night’s sleep at last. Be happy now to go to sleep and wake up refreshed. You can do it. Others have. Book now.


Would you like to learn to hypnotize yourself. You can do this at Abc Hypnotherapy-Psych. When you go home you can sit or lie quietly with your eyes closed and explore your beautiful mind just as if you were still under hypnosis. Only difference, you did it yourself.


As a psychologist I provide psychological counselling



The best relationship is built on trust, openness and the most important thing of all: Love. If you would like to save your relationship then psychotherapy from a registered psychologist can help you find a way back to the happiness and closeness you once knew together.

Grief and Loss

We all suffer grief and loss at some point in our lives. If you have lost someone dear to you, counselling can help you along the path of grieving which is a very natural phenomenon. Take as much time as you need to say goodbye to the loved one who although no longer with you physically will always be in your memory. Grief can cause so much pain and anguish. Allow it to unfold naturally until you have worked through all the stages of grief; until you have reached acceptance that it happened as it happened but it is no one’s fault. No need for guilt or self blame to be attached to the grief process. There is life and happiness afterwards even if you doubt it at this moment.

As an adult did you suffer Child Abuse?

As long as you keep those painful memories alive and do not externalise them to another human being the pain may stay with you. Child abuse is a dreadful crime but you did nothing wrong. The perpetrator did. He is the one who should feel guilt and shame and hide in the shadows, not you. Counselling can assist you to free yourself from shame and guilt and feelings that somehow you were to blame. No, he was. Or she was. Perhaps it’s time to let go and place the burden on to other shoulders, preferably the shoulders of the perpetrator where it belongs. Time to set yourself free.